Boring Doesn't Even Begin to Embody THE.

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THE is a slow painful death at the hands of a certain Miss Brigino. Ew. Ew. Ew. THE *shudder* I hate THE if you haven't noticed already...sorry but it's terribly boring. I get cranky when bored. Everyone finds it rather fun...I beg to differ.

Week 3 at Assumption Antipolo has just begun. I can't really say I'm happy...haaaaay. I got a score of 13/20 (Ew. Ew. Ew.) on my Biology quiz today...that's not good. Well...deductions were for non-compliance. Haaaaaay. We have to report something for Filipino either toorrow or Wednesday then something for Social Studies. I'm not looking forward to either. Today on teh Skandar[dot]net forums, my fic got a flame. A rather worded-intelligently-but-stupid-content flame. People should really learn to read. Well anyways I flamed the bitch right back...he-slash-she deserved it, writing stories about Skandar's torture and thinking that he or she was so high and mighty because he or she wrote a stupid Narnia bunch of limericks. Please. Get. A. Life. Today's not my day, I just can't wait for it to end.It doesn't seem like tomorrow will be my week either...maybe I'm just really pissed because I wake up at five am every Monday to Friday. Ew. I like my busmates though so I enjoy the busride home. ^_^

The much awaioted High School Musical finally premiered in the Philippines last night at 7:30 PM. At lot of people watched thanks (according to my mom) tp advertising stuffed down our throats every 5 to 15 minutes on Disney channel. I must say I agree with her. It wasn't as spectacular as I expected, the story was rather typical and the characters were kinda shallow. I have no favorite character really, except maybe Chad...his hair's sexy. XD I did enjoy myself, I liked the catchy music, almost everyone in our classroom was singing along to it. I guess they watched it too. (duh.) I asked for a DVD of it from my tita whose coming from the US of A to here for a family reunion. I must say I'm excited for both the DVD and my tita's arrival.

We're soooooarin', flyyyyyyyyin'...there's not a star in heaven we can't reaaaaaach!

And all that stuffies. Did I mention I cut my hair? It's now this bob thing. It's not so bad really, it's just short...I've had it for about a week now.

My sister's listening to her High School Musical soundtrack in the other room. She won it in a radio contest, yayzors for her. =)

Pixie Dust makes people sneeze

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It's been a week since I have entered my sophomore year at Assumption Antipolo. It's been a friggin week AND I WANT IT TO END. *sobbystabbycrycry*'s been surreal. I'm still in summer mode...and I've turned laZy toward the rest of life outside school. I haven't been on the JoFo, the Skandar[dot]net forums (Wah.), and I haven't updated any of the fics I'm writing. I feel so unaccomplished...(wahahahahaha...its funny though because at shool I may not be the best-est kid but it's been a better start compared to last year where I was silent and sulky...and a bit of a smart-ass) I miss my old section so much...yes as much as I disliked one-four during my early weeks of joining it...I must admit I love that section more than I expected. I'm not particularly fond of my section...I mean I like it quite a lot...I'm still some of my old friends and have gotten to know a few new ones but...I still love section 4 the most. I'm rather past-clingy, I admit it.

So anyways, here are some of my random school facts and stufferz...

>> I am a sophomore
>> My class adviser is Miss Molave
>> My TIC is Miss de la Paz
>> There are only 12 of us left on the bus...or something. All I know is that there are 5 of us in High year just two but its still quite far away...erk.
>> I am in II-2
>> I am class number 38
>> Among my barkada there are 3 people who are my classmates whilst the rest are scattered in different sections
>> There are 3 new kids and one comeback kid. I 'm close to none of them
>> There's a new kid on the bus...she's adorable and sweet and the slightest bit annoying....oookaaaay
>> We are on the 4th floor of the high school building and it SUCKS to walk up 79 (right?) stairs at 6 FUCKING 45 AM!
>> If given the chance I'd still go back to Community of Learners...sorry guys.


Ehh...that would be all. Oh of my more important stufferz

>> I miss Year one section 4 muchly

So anyways while we're on this nostalgic 'I miss...' this and that trip back in time I'd just like to say that I miss my old PETA mates muchly. Yeah...I haven't seen those whores since we last saw each other. (I say whore in the most affectionate manner, tis not an insult and all know how I cursed like it was some religious chant or whatever.) Yeah....okay.

I'm off to um sleep. Will finish ASAP...
I have school in the unfortunate. XP

I'll Make Every Lasting Moment Last...

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Hello dear friends. My name is Isa and I'm a lousy crammer for this coming schoolyear. I'M A CRAMMER GODDAMMIT! Hahahaha, well no I'm not in a state of panic yet, I just haven't done tohse stupid English things yet because I'm so lazy that way. I did do some algebra... (Yes, like 2 pages.) because I'm a lazy crammer. I did get a new calculator (Stat + Scientific calculator baby! ^_^) and lots of new coloring materials though so I'm rather...pleased. I do intend to do those things before the weekend and I'll bring the stupid algebra book along with me to Tagaytay if I must because if I don't study and fail that test I'll be deemed as 'NOT READY' for Math next year. GOD NO! PLEASE...I WANNA GRADUATE LIVE THROUGH MY SOPHOMORE YEAR...HOW WILL I DO THAT IF I CANT EVEN GET THROUGH WEEK 1!!!111!!CAPSLOCK!!!!! DAMMIT.

I'm such a lazy ass who doesn't do SEP (Student Enrichment Program...although I can think of quite a few other meanings for that damned acronym) I'm not ready for school. I'm not! I'm not! I wish I was like Andres who has a five fucking month long summer or like Lily and Julia whose summer's just started. MAN!


Yes I'm panicking. Or maybe just a bit panicked by the thought of SCHOOL. SCHOOL man...I should totally join the Kids Next Door and rid the world *is bitter and in denial about Summer ending*

But as you can see I still insist on finishing my blog entry and not studying because I'm so fucking cool like that.

What else? Hmm, I put my 'Narnia' piece of fanfiction on hiatus and I edited my pics on livejournal. I changed my blogger/LJ layouts so yeah...that would be about it. Oh yeah...I'm still working on my application for an elite Sorting Hat Community...I've been working on it for days now trying to get me into a house I want. THIS is possibly the closest thing to Hogwarts (unless you count James and Oliver Phelps. Ahem...yum), but it sounds really cool. Yeah so i want to prove that I am worthy of being in their Hogwarts. (naks. eat that bitch.)

Tomorrow my friends are going to be sleeping over. I haven't seen them in forever so I'm rather excited ^_^ We're going to Gateway to catch a movie. And then on the (long) weekend I shall be going to Tagaytay with my cousins and my family to celebrate the last days of summer. Then on Tuesday, the 13th it's back to school for me. Waaaah.

Okay, well I'm kinda excited to see my friends again but I a not at all excited to return to classes. Although hopefully within a week's time I'll be in the swing of things already. My Social Studies class will finally be taught in English... (I have nothing against Filipino...but it was really never my strong subject) That's a good thing. And I fully intend to watched 'Chick mubies' with my friends from Assumption. woopwoop.

I haven't forgotten my PETA friends though... ^_^ Me and Andres were...okay I was rather hyper earlier during our chat on MSN and kinda envisioned a PETA reunion. Yeah... (REUNIONWHEE!) Some weekend in July in his place in Punta fuego. Cool ey? Hopefully we won't be all "PETA Who?" that time around. I dunno if he was serious or not but I'm rather excited to see them all again. I do know that in October Jag and Muriel intend to celebrate their birthdays together. ^_^

I don't intend to finish my entry about Cebu anymore. I must say though, it was fun and I watched X-Men 3 there. Hugh Jackman is hot.

Yes okay...I'm done. Whew...that was rather tiring. I'll try to enjoy my final week of summer as much as possible and yes...I will do all my academic requirements. (In my defense though..its a VACATION...there's not supposed to be any tedious tasks. But if they insist...ech.)

Chyeah. Okay, I'm off...X)
Peace Out people! ^_^

Life's a Biotch.

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Just got off the phone with Muriel, Angelica, Arvin, Jan and Sam. It's hard to type about the rest of my trip right now, I'm really bummed. Life's being a bitch to me...I so want to cry but it would make me look shallow. Okay...who cares? Nevermind I can't seem to cry anyways...bottom line, life's a definite bitch.

Scenario...I'm supposed to go over to Muriel's to have jamming. That would have been like my last ekek with PETA...yup. I was among the people who planned it...shucks. *facepalm* A whole bunch of people are supposed to go over to Mu's house to jam and thenpossibly go bowling in celebrity. It's not that I wasn't allowed to go...the thing is I really can't go. We tried but the traffic was such!!!!!) in Tandang Sora so we couldn't get through. So now I'm back at mom just turned the car around and gave up.

It's hard to feel happy when the people who you know you're not going to see in quite awhile are elsewhere having fun and you know it. It's also hard to say "It's okay, I tried" (I and my mom) ...I dunno why but the fact that I did isn't making me feel any better. *pouts* I mean you know ou tried but who wants to be home alone with the PC when you could be playing guitar and-slash-or bowling with your friends. Yup...*is depressed* I don't know what the word would be to describe how I feel...disappointment? Yeah. Oh and annoyance because my sister is going to her best friend Isay's house merely because I was supposed to go to sina Mu''s unfair that she got to go and I didn't. Curse you Life.

On the bright side, my 3 best friends are sleeping over next Wednesday. ^_^
Although on another downside I have another chance to meet up with my friends from PETA...lalamon kame sa Katips but again I can't go coz we're going to Tagaytay.

WHY LIFE WHY? Why must you be such a bitch to me? *shakes fist*

DId I's already June? School's about to begin, it's on the fifteenth. I wish Summer could be longer...or at least my PETA friends would be my classmates, unfortunately AA is not co-ed. We do intend to meet up at least once a month...hahahaha...wish ko lang. SOPHOMORE NA!?! (feels sick at this prospect)

I promise to finish the entry sometime before the week ends...right now I must bid you farewell.


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[music| As Long as you're Mine - Wicked OBST]

I have been gone for about a week...and I am obviously back. YIPEE! =D Wala was probably the longest week of my life (Well excluding all the past exam weeks I had...eurgh. I hate exams...I hate is just aorund the corner WAH!)

Randomness...I found my planner. I said that already in my Livejournal but I was too lazy to post it...and I was kind of in a rush so forget it.'s some of my pens that are missing now so I have to replace the missing ones...luckily they sell them individullay at National Bookstore. ^_^

Random Rant: My sister is bitching about me in the bathroom because I refuse to lend her my speakers which I am currently using. I hate my sister...she hates me back and she thinks the whole world is against her when she doesn't get her way and when she knows I'm right about something she's going to give me an evil look and say something like "you don't control my mind" or something. I swear my sister is such a drama queen...*eye roll* She's impossible...I swear...

So weeklong adventures. *I have no pix yet...* On the 20th of May we set out for Baguio. My parents had a wedding to go to. Wow...first night there my dad already got mad at the staff coz they furked up his reservations. poor guy at the counter...he was shaking while he was sorting the thing out. My dad's kinda scary that way...I grew up with that. Well not the fury thing but the whole when my dad's mad kinda thing. Eh you get the point...there wasn't much eventfulness except for the fact that me and my sister walked around camp john Hay for 2 hours while my parents were at the wedding. I learned how to coax a butterfly onto my finger ^_^ My sister was terrified though and wasn't at all inclined to touch it. We had tsokolate de Batirol afterward then bought mini donuts and walked back to the Hotel Room. The day after we drove home to Manila and caught the evening flight back to the Cebu to join the rest of my family. (It would have been earlier if PAL's plane wasn't delayed....oh what a surprise.)

We stayed a night in Waterfront Hotel...another furking expensive hotel. The rooms weren't at all big and it was kinda tacky P20,000 for a fucking Hotel Room which we didn't like all that much. Oh yes that's after we took a boat (SuperCat) to Ormoc. we were gonna spend 2 nights there exploring the place where my grandfather was born. It's a lovely cute place where you can get cupcakes for P1...just don't eat don't eat. It takes ridiculously long but it's mostly good anyways...I'd like to say it's all good but it's not...the time doesn't make up for the food qulity. Sigh. We saw the farm of my was so nice (Adjective please...?) full of home-grown herbs and peppers and there was a little chapel at the end. My tita said that it was so "Little house on the Prarie" haha. The farm's not so far from the beach. I don't know how to skip stones which was what my sister, cousin and titos were trying to do. They had better luck..I gave up and started reading on the rocks. Iana tortured Hermit seems her luck with the stone skipping didn't fare as well either...Oh wells.

Afterthe two nights had passed we headed back to the way on the boat me and Iana watched Franco Zefirelli's version of Romeo and Juliet...the original one...on my tita's Ipod. There was some *gasp* nudity...yeah.

*to be continued since I have to go...haha.*

Oh before I do...I shall my love ofr the Hit Broadway musical...WICKED! It won a Tony and a Grammy last year. Bravo! Bra-fucking-0! You all should give it a listen the music's great...this is merely a smapler dish...anyways I'm off! Cheers!

Audio:Defying Gravity
by MrsRuth


I found my Planner ^-^ Well someone returned it to me actually...and I have a new Y!M...

I was in Baguio...I'll tell more next weeks since I'm kinda in a hurry...I'm flying to Cebu later tonight...yeah so there. Teehee...


What do Harry Potter Characters think of YOU? by WetWillie
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yum. (haha.)


Ui Help... =(

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[music| As the Music Plays - Bamboo]

Went out to Megamall today with...

Muriel + Jag + Mara, her cousins and her bro + Arvin + Iana + Guillen and his cousin

Went Ice skating =)
Had a studio pic taken
Ate merienda sa food court =)

Upon getting HELL-lo.


My Y!M account got hacked into (or not it caught some kind of virus shit thing that refuses to let me sign in...STFU! Plus I'm missing my planner.

All of you at AA and at PETA know how important that planner is to me and how much I love if any of you know where it is or where I left it...please please PLEASE give it back to me or notify me or something.

And if anyone in Megamall got it...all my numbers are there so please paki balik sakin...I'll be eternally grateful to you if ever. (Besides...if you had it...I dunno what you'd want with it seeing as I wrote in it na.) I believe it's in the Fujifilm studio kung iniwan ko sa Megamall...

paki notify naman ako oh.

Oh and to the anonymous hacker.



Etoh Na

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My Second batch of pics *happy dance* Well I'm just gonna say nothing happened much today (Unintentional rhyme...sorry.) My mom, my sis and I went to Glorietta because mom needed to go buy shoes. I bought a new book by Melina Marchetta called 'Saving Francesca' I wanted to buy another book by her but unfortunately I was short of money. They both sounded interesting eh...hay. I can't open that book until we leave for Cebu...para daw may mabasa ako dun. It's a new's not a year old was released only this month so...yeah. Well at least I think so...Amazon said so! *point*

Oh mom's watching Pride and Prejudice in the other room..I think I'll watch it tomorrow friends say it's yeah. What am I here for? Oh yeah the pix...

ui Brisa kilig! Heehee.Collapse )

Yessss finally! I'm done! *cheer applaud*
Pede nako sa malaking PC...oh ayus dubah? Anyhoo...I'm going to Megamall tomorrow for Ice Skating...chamba nalang kung sino pumunta. I want to watch Poseidon...according to practically everyone its good so...hmm...sige game! Hahahaha...Hay nako. Sige na....alis nako bago masira pa pc niyo..Ciao people!

Peace Out! *makes peace sign thing we blame the Japanese for being so corny about but we all secretly love it...although for me it's no secret...PEACE!!!*