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It's been quite a while...

I'm finally feeling a Christmas-y vibe from everything, even from this damned slow computer of mine and from my Ipod which is currently playing Green Day's Basket Case. Not exactly warm and fuzzy, I know. It took some time but I knew it (It being that merry, happy feeling that stretches from the top of my head to the tips of my toes...oh, how cutesy. xP) would catch up with me eventually. So earlier today I went Christmas shopping with my sister and from the Php2,500 I had earlier it's been reduced to a measly Php200 or so, but my sister owes me like Php135 and my allowance next week is still in question. But despite my obvious lack of cashola I am left with a warm and fuzzy feeling and a bit of relief that I am nearly done with my Christmas shopping. Even my father has gotten his gift (Well, will get), it wasn't really much but I hope he'll like it anyway. My mother, on the other hand, I am clueless as to what to give. I am soooo over the whole handmade gift thing, despite the cheery smiles and stuff we get on the day that they finally do get it that's like the last we ever see of those handmade gifts, so me and my sister are all...'okay...whatever...no more this year' By the way, today, for myself, I bought the Saturday Inquirer, it feels special for reasons unknown to me. And my Christmas gift for myself, a new set of Ipod Earphones and a mug from Starbucks. I have yet to buy it though. I feel excited...oh and my wishlist...ahem-hem. There is something so (cheesy?) magical about Christmas that even the coldest of hearts cannot avoid, nor can they resist when it does come knocking. I don't know what about Christmas I love so much, well, yes, of course, there is the presents but what else? Is it the yearly tradition of decorating the huge Christmas tree in Marikina? Is it the Christmas specials on television? Is it the way people are suddenly all smiley and ridiculously cheery and abnormally jolly? (Like myself?) Is it the Starbucks Red Cups? Whatever it is, keep it going...I love this season. <3

Oh and btw, I GOT MY ISTARBAK PLANNER NA! I'm helping nalang my sister get her Beauty Bar planner...it's the same as Starbucks with the whole stamp thing but you need to buy something worth at least Php300...like woah. It's cute and all, but no thank you. It is rather sexy though...xP

So two days ago was the wedding of tita Annann and I have finally been granted the privelege of moving up the wedding ranks. I have evolved from childish, innocent flower girl to mischievous junior bridesmaid to this fifteen year old before you. A bitingly sarcastic, terribly clueless and doll-like bride's maid. Everyone complimented me on my singing (The audience wanted to clap when I sang the responsorial psalm, despite my slightly obvious mess-up) and the usual 'dalaga na' comments followed. I finally am a 'dalaga', for three years now actually. but why they must keep pointing out the obvious is a mystery to me. I have no pictures but if you want to know, I looked like Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's...yes, with the hair and everything. Well sorta...it was more of the hair than anything. I was in a purple gown and gold ballet flats...unnatural? Tell me about it. It was such a fun wedding, it's rather hard to believe that it ended at nine-fucking-thirty or possibly, even earlier. I was hanging out with Hannah Mendoza (My loverly co-bridesmaid), her sister Hillary (although it was Iana who hung out with her the most), Erica Beldia and Sally Jay Ortiz. It was great, we were dancing, biting flowers, laughing our heads off and of course, camwhoring. (With other people's cams though, ours was busted. :[)I was glad to find Moesha and Yna were there too. ^_^ The food was great and I tried Kani salad for the first time. :] Yeah, so that's how I spent my day that Thursday...it was great. x) Hahaha, I'd say, 'Let's do it again!' but how often in someones life does one get married? and to the same person pa. Gosh.

The following day I went out to Galle with Airisa, Pat Vargas, Idonna (Jackson xD), Jaymi, Acey, Celina and Miguel. It was not really a gimmick outta the ordinary but it was still fun. We were sposed to watch a movie pero nakulangan ng time, awww. Had "lunch" in Teriyaki Boy and we spent most of our time in the arcade. The Skateboarding thing was fun and I rode one of those mechanical animal thingzorz... I got the panda burr! ^_^ (I was the only one who dint get stopped coz I think I went on too far. Lawl) Before arcade-ing Idonna, Vargas and I went to Topshop and annoyed the hell outta the salesgirls and saw THE FACE OF COUPLEHOOD AND BABYHOOD WISDOM. Sheeet. It was a fun day...I have officially concluded never to play Billiards EVER EVER EVER again...and from that day we have formulated that Idonna is now Idowna Jackson. Lots of inside jokes popped outta no where...Varas and Idonna went home with us. Haha...acapella groupiness and special bonds were formed. And great part, the whole studio pic thingamajigger, those haven't been around in forever due to the whole digicam era. It was fun having one of those again. :] So um, to Vargas and Idonna...it's Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen :))

Till next time bitches. ^_^ Fifteen Days till Christmas! you guys getting that vibe yet? ;]

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