Miss Mischief (bewitchingone) wrote,
Miss Mischief

Boy-Girl Interactionamajigger.

Today was the final day of the UAAP and the final day before our boy-girl interaction thingymajigger. Ateneo lost to UST, and our interaction is with Ateneo. I wonder how this will turn out? I'm not at all excited for the interaction, not that I don't want to do it, but I just don't understand why everyone is so hyped up about it...is it the exclusive all-girls schoolsy-ness?

The theme is retro...and nearly everyone's weirded up concept of retro is (for reasons unknown to me >___<) dangly earrings. Insert one big [huh] right there. Dangly earrings? Retro can go as far back as the fifties and we're thinking dangling earrings which have been around since...forever. *blink blink* Okaaaaaaaay...well hopefully my partner won't be some guy with nothing to talk about, I won't mess up on the guitar and my camera batteries won't run out. Wheeeeeeeee...

I will be wearing tons of beads over my school uniform, I feel so excited. :]

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