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Komu...FIGHT! (And what a battle it was!)

So earlier today we had our Ecology songfest (for those of you who don't know, it's not as lame as it sounds. It's an interschool singing competition and it's quite a great show.) and we sang a song with lyrics by ahem, us and the music by Miss Ettie, our music teacher. To make an otherwise long-story short, we won first place! So forget it if I currently look like a raccon, my ears sting like a bitch, I lost my voice from screaming like anidiot and that my purple skirt is missing two, er, tentacles, WE WON FIRST PLACE!!! WE WON FIRST PLACE!!! We had some really tough competition, there was CSA who did some thing with animal costumes and guys wearing things which a friend called a Datu Puti outfit (LMFAO),there was MCHS with their pretty green hands, and SOHS with their pretty flame-y shirts. AND KOMU BEAT THEM ALL!!! (St. Scholastica's didn't show up but they did win lots of shiny medals. I want a medal, but instead we got a glass trophy. How nuts is that?!...Ahem, I'm kidding) This is Komu's fourth time to win first place. When they announced our name I felt so dizzy and then Raissa and Maan were hugging me and spinning me around but I was screaming and smiling like everyone around me, I have really no idea why but I began to cry. It was weird, I mean I'm not graduating nor is this my last year in Komu but I began to cry. I guess I was so happy for everything, all our hard work, all our practices, all the remarks we recieved from everyone (Hell yes, we defied them all.), all the criticisms, all the low expectations for this year, and we won. We won! We won!! I feel so triumphant, victorious, ecstatic, overwhelmed, wonderful, amazed, and happy. I was in makeup the whole day and in these pearl earrings which stung, I was wearing a skirt that was missing two tentacles (or whatever it is you like to call them), I was so nervous we were not going to land in place, but we did it. We did it! I still can't let go of that happy feeling. Life may be such a stress inducing bitch right now but I'm thankful for the breaks it gives us every once in a while.

Congratulations Komu, we did it! =) Everything we had prepared for for the past month or so had finally paid off. We are now the 4-time winners of the Eco songfest! ^_^

Next year ulit?

I just feel bummed since starting next week, it's back to the grindstone for us all. But oh well...

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