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Um okaaaaay...

I am, once again, blogging from the computer room, this is probably the only place I have left to blog freely. At home, I immediately do homework. Isn't it ironic? There's really nothing to do anymore, all we did was our stupid text thingy on CorelDRAW which has clearly been overthrown by the powers of Adobe Photoshop and PSP and the like. (Well not exactly 'the like' since CorelDRAW would be something of 'the like'. Know what I'm saying?) So anyways, my hands are cold from th aircon and I think I'm about to sneeze. Sadly, Micah's not beside me to annoy me and hug me while I'm typing so it's very cold. XP

Hmmm, well did I mention I passed Komusikasyon? Welll....I did. We're having our first contest about two days from now. We're going to be battling with schools like St. Scho and CSA and I have to admit I'm very scared. These people have been concertizing (Is that even a word?) everywhere while we have been concertizing in the comforts of our own school. Another thing I'm afraid of...makeup. We will be applying our own makeup and I'm afraid that I'm going to endup looking like an utter clown on stage. I don't know how to apply makeup, it's simply not my thing.

More performance stuffs, well I auditioned for a musical and I got the lead role! ^_^ Yayness, although the conditions are that I have to maintain my grades or I'm going to get pulled out of the play immediately. Well let's see, I got a 100 on my last statistics test and a 73 on my last biology test. Eep. 73 is bad, very, very VERY bad. So um...note to self, STUDY HARDER lest you be damned for eternity. (;_____;)

Ironically I love Biology.

Maybe I need to love it some more.

*huggs Bio book*

Will I get at least an 85 now?

I'm so screwed.

Life is such a bitch right now. There's so much requirements I have no idea how I can possibly keep up. God forbid that my grades get so low that I'll have to quit the play.

Today is Wednesday, I love Wednesdays. No math-related subjects. (although comnpared to Biology, I now love math...more than usual) NO FILIPINO.

Today is such a weird day.

And I have to go, there's ten minutes before the bell rings. Um...g'bye. XD

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