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83 in Algebra = doom. DOOOOOOOM!

I'm nearly done with my IPR (Independent progress report where you put your test scores and stuffies) for the first quarter, all I have left is my score for the Filipino Exam and I'm feeling quite optimistic about that. Ahahahaha, so anyways...generally I have good grades. My exam scores were pretty good and then I see my algebra score.




Filipino: n/a (for now)
English: 94
Social Studies: 95 (I was expecting lower... :P)
Biology: 92
Statistics: 98
Algebra: 83

NOT ACCEPTABLE. (um...okay...sorry if this sounds shallow but I don't like getting test scores within the '85 and below' range.)Ironically, the scores for my unit tests were 96 and 90. Wah...my parents are going to kill me, my dad especially since he's a genius at math. -_____-; My test score average is now 89.6, although rounded off that's 90...so it's not so bad. BUT STILL.... ;_______;



So anyways...um...today was fun. We had two free periods because we had no PE ^_^ Also I have no homework to do because I did it during those free periods. :] Vargas and I finally finished coloring our first comic thingy, "Lunchbox Man" (we created him out of boredom) so all that's left is the title and our logo *is teh happy*. :] Meme and I did our 'mission Impossible' (AHAHA...labo.) we successfully got a confiscated book from our Class Adviser's office...while she was there. (O, ang galing namin noh? XD) And finally...I had glee club practice today for Linggo ng Wika. :D

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention...I cannot understand the Merchant of Venice...AT ALL. My friend gave me a copy of the Sparknotes for it and I know the general story of it (I have 'The Illustrated tales of Shakespeare' somewhere in the house. XP) so maybe with a little more effort I will get it. (Yeah, keep telling yourself that...)

Yesterday was fun, our class had a costume parade of the characters from 'Florante at Laura' for filipino. I came as the author (so did 5 other girls in class) of the book. so fun XD Unfortunately, there were no pics. Hay...(Si Tin, si Alyssa at si Madel meron...makanakaw nga. :D) I came in a barong tagalog, slacks and that leafy thing you wear around your head. My classamtes said I actually looked like a guy =/ I don't know if I should take that as a compliment (the author's a guy.) or an insult.

Oh wells. Pictures of Assumption Day next time, I promise. ^_^ See yuh. XD

P.S., What is the Iambic Pentameter? My English teacher doesn't know...and something tells me it's not related to Math.

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