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Wow. It's been nearly a month since I posted. I've bween busy with stuff for school. XP

So stuff that happened, in um, no particular order...
>> Exams are over yay! But the second quarter has just begun and we have so much stuff to do
>> Assumption Day was on Tuesday, so we had no classes. Instead we watched a crappy play. Even the teachers found it stupid.
>> We had a family reunion a month ago, just thought I'd mention it.
>> I have finally learned how to use Photoshop. WOOT.
>> Went to CL on Friday with Mu. How fun :]
>> We got the PS2 hooked up. :]
>> We had a symposium on Thursday about the Charter Change that our (esteemed?) president wants. Erm....whatever.

Oh yeah...will make a picture post soon because they're cluttering up the PC.

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