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Noodle Trees and Brokeback Spacecake

NOODLETREE! *coughcough* A strange thing happened yesterday, sections three and four went on their Alay Kapwa exposure to Tahanang Walang Hagdanan, we went about a week earlier. ('It's a private non-government organization for the physically orthopedically handicapped'...I've typed that so many times I've memorized it.) Eh, they had to wear their uniform but Idonna completely forgot and came in dengue attire...that's a long-sleeved shirt, or a shirt and jacket, jeans and rubber Idonna grabbed my hand after the morning announcements and changed clothes with me. So I was wearing her clothes the whole day... O_O ...It's a good thing our clothes fit each other. I returned her jacket and she nearly stole my Icebreakers. I still have a pack though, so it wouldn't have mattered much. Oh and last night there was an online conference with people from my section and Forest and Jolo from Ateneo. It was so weird, the conversation went like this... Interaction - Interaction Scandals - Forest's name (Gubat?) - Killing other people - Weapons - Pokemon (and yes, the theme song was sung...or typed rather -____-;) - blood and other misc. injuries - sharing - tapos. It was very very confusing but whatever, I enjoyed it.

Oh yeah, probably the most interesting thing that happened to me this week would be the Boy-Girl interaction with Ateneo. Everyone's on a high about it, whether they want another one or whether they loathe it (or they're merely sick of hearing about it, which I am...and yet I tend to talk about it anyway. The Interaction bug is contagious!) one thing is for certain, everyone is talking about it. Who likes who, who is texting who, and who is shamelessly throwing herself at someone's feet and flirting mercilessly, how unladylike. O________o (And no, I'm not naming names) We all walked out friends and with some walked out with desires to be, ahem, more-than-friends. The hallways are abuzz with interaction talk. And yes, I have pictures... (Yes I do Rosa, I think I neglected to reply to your comment) All the happenings and piccies are under the cut. :]

Around 98 pics under the cut && an account of the BGICollapse )
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Boy-Girl Interactionamajigger.

Today was the final day of the UAAP and the final day before our boy-girl interaction thingymajigger. Ateneo lost to UST, and our interaction is with Ateneo. I wonder how this will turn out? I'm not at all excited for the interaction, not that I don't want to do it, but I just don't understand why everyone is so hyped up about it the exclusive all-girls schoolsy-ness?

The theme is retro...and nearly everyone's weirded up concept of retro is (for reasons unknown to me >___<) dangly earrings. Insert one big [huh] right there. Dangly earrings? Retro can go as far back as the fifties and we're thinking dangling earrings which have been around since...forever. *blink blink* Okaaaaaaaay...well hopefully my partner won't be some guy with nothing to talk about, I won't mess up on the guitar and my camera batteries won't run out. Wheeeeeeeee...

I will be wearing tons of beads over my school uniform, I feel so excited. :]

Komu...FIGHT! (And what a battle it was!)

So earlier today we had our Ecology songfest (for those of you who don't know, it's not as lame as it sounds. It's an interschool singing competition and it's quite a great show.) and we sang a song with lyrics by ahem, us and the music by Miss Ettie, our music teacher. To make an otherwise long-story short, we won first place! So forget it if I currently look like a raccon, my ears sting like a bitch, I lost my voice from screaming like anidiot and that my purple skirt is missing two, er, tentacles, WE WON FIRST PLACE!!! WE WON FIRST PLACE!!! We had some really tough competition, there was CSA who did some thing with animal costumes and guys wearing things which a friend called a Datu Puti outfit (LMFAO),there was MCHS with their pretty green hands, and SOHS with their pretty flame-y shirts. AND KOMU BEAT THEM ALL!!! (St. Scholastica's didn't show up but they did win lots of shiny medals. I want a medal, but instead we got a glass trophy. How nuts is that?!...Ahem, I'm kidding) This is Komu's fourth time to win first place. When they announced our name I felt so dizzy and then Raissa and Maan were hugging me and spinning me around but I was screaming and smiling like everyone around me, I have really no idea why but I began to cry. It was weird, I mean I'm not graduating nor is this my last year in Komu but I began to cry. I guess I was so happy for everything, all our hard work, all our practices, all the remarks we recieved from everyone (Hell yes, we defied them all.), all the criticisms, all the low expectations for this year, and we won. We won! We won!! I feel so triumphant, victorious, ecstatic, overwhelmed, wonderful, amazed, and happy. I was in makeup the whole day and in these pearl earrings which stung, I was wearing a skirt that was missing two tentacles (or whatever it is you like to call them), I was so nervous we were not going to land in place, but we did it. We did it! I still can't let go of that happy feeling. Life may be such a stress inducing bitch right now but I'm thankful for the breaks it gives us every once in a while.

Congratulations Komu, we did it! =) Everything we had prepared for for the past month or so had finally paid off. We are now the 4-time winners of the Eco songfest! ^_^

Next year ulit?

I just feel bummed since starting next week, it's back to the grindstone for us all. But oh well...
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Um okaaaaay...

I am, once again, blogging from the computer room, this is probably the only place I have left to blog freely. At home, I immediately do homework. Isn't it ironic? There's really nothing to do anymore, all we did was our stupid text thingy on CorelDRAW which has clearly been overthrown by the powers of Adobe Photoshop and PSP and the like. (Well not exactly 'the like' since CorelDRAW would be something of 'the like'. Know what I'm saying?) So anyways, my hands are cold from th aircon and I think I'm about to sneeze. Sadly, Micah's not beside me to annoy me and hug me while I'm typing so it's very cold. XP

Hmmm, well did I mention I passed Komusikasyon? Welll....I did. We're having our first contest about two days from now. We're going to be battling with schools like St. Scho and CSA and I have to admit I'm very scared. These people have been concertizing (Is that even a word?) everywhere while we have been concertizing in the comforts of our own school. Another thing I'm afraid We will be applying our own makeup and I'm afraid that I'm going to endup looking like an utter clown on stage. I don't know how to apply makeup, it's simply not my thing.

More performance stuffs, well I auditioned for a musical and I got the lead role! ^_^ Yayness, although the conditions are that I have to maintain my grades or I'm going to get pulled out of the play immediately. Well let's see, I got a 100 on my last statistics test and a 73 on my last biology test. Eep. 73 is bad, very, very VERY bad. So um...note to self, STUDY HARDER lest you be damned for eternity. (;_____;)

Ironically I love Biology.

Maybe I need to love it some more.

*huggs Bio book*

Will I get at least an 85 now?

I'm so screwed.

Life is such a bitch right now. There's so much requirements I have no idea how I can possibly keep up. God forbid that my grades get so low that I'll have to quit the play.

Today is Wednesday, I love Wednesdays. No math-related subjects. (although comnpared to Biology, I now love math...more than usual) NO FILIPINO.

Today is such a weird day.

And I have to go, there's ten minutes before the bell rings. Um...g'bye. XD
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gryffindor converse

Ako ay Pilipino...Ako ay sintunadoo...

Haaaaay, today was the culminating activity for our 'Buwan ng wika' celebrations. (Linggo ng Wika actually...but we prayed in Tagalog for a whole month. -_-;) So there was program and performances from different-ish stuffers. So anyways...our club performed today (Komusikasyon, teh glee club...) and it was quite disappointing. :[ For our first song we a) lacked expression and our voices weren't loud enough and b) our second song lacked practice and we didn't practice with the piano so it was slow and way too high that we went sharp. And then later in the day during CLE time the first years sang 'Kisapmata' for their Filipino grade. Both the guitar, and the singer were out of tune. And according to Maan they bastardized Rivermaya and they were all 'nagpapasikat'I just wanted to strangle the singer.

tut tut, such a good song.

Rargh. was not a very fulfilling day. I'm glad that KoMu finally finished the song! YAY KoMu!!!!! :D :D :D (Reminders: Elongate your vowels, no shrill voices, stick to your priorities, sing with an 'o' sound, smile, god iswhichu.)

Aside from the music and stuffies...I had a good day. :]

Oh yes, finally the pictures...which I um...never got around to posting until XP

Isa is teh lazyCollapse )

I feel so accomplished. :] and with that I shall turn in...g'nyt. :]
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83 in Algebra = doom. DOOOOOOOM!

I'm nearly done with my IPR (Independent progress report where you put your test scores and stuffies) for the first quarter, all I have left is my score for the Filipino Exam and I'm feeling quite optimistic about that. Ahahahaha, so anyways...generally I have good grades. My exam scores were pretty good and then I see my algebra score.




Filipino: n/a (for now)
English: 94
Social Studies: 95 (I was expecting lower... :P)
Biology: 92
Statistics: 98
Algebra: 83

NOT ACCEPTABLE. (um...okay...sorry if this sounds shallow but I don't like getting test scores within the '85 and below' range.)Ironically, the scores for my unit tests were 96 and 90. parents are going to kill me, my dad especially since he's a genius at math. -_____-; My test score average is now 89.6, although rounded off that's it's not so bad. BUT STILL.... ;_______;



So was fun. We had two free periods because we had no PE ^_^ Also I have no homework to do because I did it during those free periods. :] Vargas and I finally finished coloring our first comic thingy, "Lunchbox Man" (we created him out of boredom) so all that's left is the title and our logo *is teh happy*. :] Meme and I did our 'mission Impossible' (AHAHA...labo.) we successfully got a confiscated book from our Class Adviser's office...while she was there. (O, ang galing namin noh? XD) And finally...I had glee club practice today for Linggo ng Wika. :D

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention...I cannot understand the Merchant of Venice...AT ALL. My friend gave me a copy of the Sparknotes for it and I know the general story of it (I have 'The Illustrated tales of Shakespeare' somewhere in the house. XP) so maybe with a little more effort I will get it. (Yeah, keep telling yourself that...)

Yesterday was fun, our class had a costume parade of the characters from 'Florante at Laura' for filipino. I came as the author (so did 5 other girls in class) of the book. so fun XD Unfortunately, there were no pics. Hay...(Si Tin, si Alyssa at si Madel meron...makanakaw nga. :D) I came in a barong tagalog, slacks and that leafy thing you wear around your head. My classamtes said I actually looked like a guy =/ I don't know if I should take that as a compliment (the author's a guy.) or an insult.

Oh wells. Pictures of Assumption Day next time, I promise. ^_^ See yuh. XD

P.S., What is the Iambic Pentameter? My English teacher doesn't know...and something tells me it's not related to Math.
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Wow. It's been nearly a month since I posted. I've bween busy with stuff for school. XP

So stuff that happened, in um, no particular order...
>> Exams are over yay! But the second quarter has just begun and we have so much stuff to do
>> Assumption Day was on Tuesday, so we had no classes. Instead we watched a crappy play. Even the teachers found it stupid.
>> We had a family reunion a month ago, just thought I'd mention it.
>> I have finally learned how to use Photoshop. WOOT.
>> Went to CL on Friday with Mu. How fun :]
>> We got the PS2 hooked up. :]
>> We had a symposium on Thursday about the Charter Change that our (esteemed?) president wants. Erm....whatever.

Oh yeah...will make a picture post soon because they're cluttering up the PC.
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Before I begin, all you Potter geeks (like myself) must read this piece of hilariously sad fanfiction. It has all the elements of the best-est fanfiction in the world, there's a Gawthick!Mary-Sue, Angsty!Gawthick!Draco Malfoy and Vapire!Harry Potter. What more do you want?

Excerpt: Hi my name is Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way and I have long ebony black hair (that’s how I got my name) with purple streaks and red tips that reaches my mid-back and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Amy Lee (AN: if u don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Gerard Way but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a vampire but my teeth are straight and white. I have pale white skin. I’m also a witch, and I go to a magic school called Hogwarts in England where I’m in the seventh year (I’m seventeen). I’m a goth (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly black. I love Hot Topic and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a black corset with matching lace around it and a black leather miniskirt, pink fishnets and black combat boots. I was wearing black lipstick, white foundation, black eyeliner and red eye shadow. I was walking outside Hogwarts. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. A lot of preps stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them

Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way

Let the madness ensue. (Thanks Becca!)

Highlights this past week...

Friday, July 07
Wow. Today was the second week of Club picking (club choosing? Club choices? Final decision club making? Whatever.), although for Komusikasyon, which is the Glee Club, it waso nly Day one. But we won't get into I was saying, second week of club choosing thingy and the club I chose to go to was Komusikasyon. My reasons would be that I've been told to have a good singing voice and I love singing so it wouldn't hurt to try out and that i tried out last year and didn't pass. =( I'm quite determined to pass this year and I hope I do. I sang 'Moon River' which was originally performed by Audrey Hepburn from the movie 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' (note to self: Watch that movie someday.)
and then miss Ettie played out some notes on the piano for me to match. I think I matched them all. All in all, I'd say I had a pretty good audition. =)

If I don't pass though my fallback would be Plaid Ideas which is the School Newspaper. Deirdre wants me to join, I just finished typing up my 184-word essay on 'What the Plaid Ideas Should Be', miss Arcilla already extended the deadline for me so that I could hand in my pice. I don't intend to let them down. Thanks Deirdre. ^_^

Friday night was my grandfather's (Papa) 75th birthday dinner thing. All his high school classmates as well as us, his family, were there to honor one of the greatest people ever. We first had a private mass in Ateneo's ICC chapel then dinner at Marikina. After dinner My mama encouraged me to sing so I sang Moon River, and All I Ask of You (yay.) and then Papa's old high school classmates all sang. In fact papa and one of his classamtes whose voice reminds my father of Tony Bennett (My, my, this man was good) sang an old Sinatra song. It was simply wonderful, they sounded like the rat pack....even if it was just two of them =/

The thing I was most proud of? My outfit. Hahahaha...Camuflage pants, black turtle neck, green jacket and polka-dotted vans. haylabit.

Saturday, July 08
My grandfather's actual birthday. A surprise party it was. My family planned a surprise party for Papa in the elk's club across AIM. (All throughout the week before we were kinda paranoid that he was suspecting something. Ehhh...he was surprised) It was fun, my dad hosted and the children and grandchildren danced and sang. His old classmates were there again, as well as his family friends and more family people. After the party me and my cousins hung around to dance like a bunch of idiots while the singer was still singing her heart out. It was really fun because the dance floor was finally free. Picture-taking, a few more songs and the night was over.

(It was more fun than a make it sound. I'm just too lazy to type)

Tonight, there's a family reunion at the Manila's side this time. We're going to see our balikbayan cousins again. We have four, the twins who are kinda annoying but they're just being boys, and Ginny and Ronald who I like more than the twins. HAHAHAHA...okayyyy... We haven't seen them since Wednesday...hopefully Lance, my younger not-living in the US cousin will be there. He's 10 but the party's for 12 year olds and up...hmmmmmm....

YAY. I updated my blog. ^_^ I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my chest.